How To Set Up A Store

Setting up a store is simple and has a number of advantages. We have no minimum order requirements, so this means individuals can go to your store and order only what they need, when they need it. They pay for their items when they place their order so there isn’t any need to collect money from anyone. We offer self-pickup or liaison pickup, so they don’t have to pay for shipping if they want to save money. However, they can pay extra for shipping if they choose to have their order shipped to their home.

The Process

  • The first thing we will need to get started is the design you want on your items. You can use P.P. or something similar to mockup your designs. We will need to know what you want on the front, back and sleeves of the garment. Send these files to:
  • The next thing we will need is the artwork. Please keep in mind that the larger the file you can provide the better (The higher the resolution the better). If your art is blurry, it makes it difficult for us to work with. Be aware that we are NOT able to use or sell Licensed, Copyrighted, or Trade Marked artwork.
  • The next step is for us to provide you with digital mockups for your approval. Once you’re happy with the mockup we will build your store and add your swag. As soon as your store is set up, we’re ready to start taking orders.
  • Lastly if you want orders picked up and brought back to the base for your soldiers, you will need to assign a liaison to us. We will contact this person once we have orders ready to be picked up. This is usually once a week or every other week depending on the amount of orders we have coming in. Each order is individually packaged and labeled with the persons name, address and email they provided when they placed their order.

And That Is Pretty Much It

Please feel free to contact John Huxtable at: 719-482-0076, if you have any additional question or concerns.

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